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NPA Laboratories is a testing laboratories in California specializing in testing of herbal, nutrition facts, dietary supplement, sport nutrition supplement, natural food, food safety, vitamin, personal care and cosmetic products.

NPA laboratories also provide full technical testing  services support for import & export food testing, dietary supplement, nutrition, and cosmetic testing to distributors, and manufacturer companies worldwide.

NPA testing laboratories is a facility that meets all compliance standards for conducting testing laboratories services. Our systems for sample log-in, testing methods, quality control, document control and report generation have evolved to insure complete and accurate GMP and FDA regulation requirements.

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Nutritional Phytochemical Analytical Laboratory

NPA Laboratories, LLC try to help our customers’ products reaching and meeting their quality, safety, and compliance. We would like to become our customer’s business partner and reference testing laboratories resources for your products.

NPA Laboratories, LLC also provides GMP, HACCP regulations consultant services to food, cosmetic, and personal care manufacturer companies.

Please contact us for more information about testing laboratories services for your products at NPA Laboratories, LLC.

NPA Laboratories, LLC  |  Analytical Laboratory Testing Company